JK is a big orange cat that likes living in the calm and quiet of Grandma and Grandpa's house. JK likes to think that he is not afraid of anything, but really, he is "a fraidy cat." JK is afraid of big, loud, moving things and that includes two little boys who come to visit him.

"A Fraidy Cat" is a 34 page light hearted story written by Lilita Hardes and colorfully illustrated by Elsa Linsky. In the story, JK's imagination runs away from him and creates fears that are larger than they really are. The book also introduces the idea of comparisons to young readers (ex: loud, louder, loudest) as parents integrate the sounds while reading the story. It is a book young children will be delighted to  have read to them. Written especially for children aged 3-6 but to be enjoyed by all ages.

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a fraidy cat
by Lilita Hardes
    illustrated by Elsa Linsky