Lilita Hardes, Licnesed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), is currently accepting children, adoescents, individuals, couples and families to address a wide range of counsleing issues at her Pewaukee location. 

Call 414-640-3393 to schedule an appointment.

A client-centered approach is used to treat a wide range of Adult conditions including:
  • Couple communication & marriage counseling 
  • Co-parent counseling and parent coaching
  • Self-esteem and self-image problems
   • Depression and suicidal feelings
   • Anxiety and panic disorders 
   • Work related stress
   • Anger management
   • Specific Child & Adolescent services include: 
    - ADHD evaluations and counseling
     - Parent-child communication and behavior management 
    - Underachievement, school anxiety & phobias     
    - Divorce adjustment
    - Social skills groups  

Lilita Hardes, LCSW  offers complete confidential, professional advice for yourself or your family members.